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21 October - Checkpoint Tracker Championship, Cadiz, KY, Bob, Marcey, Dave, and Marcilynn raced 4 Person Elite Co-ED, 17th in Division

24 September - Storm the Eastern Shore, Cape Charles, VA, Marcey and Brent raced 2 Person Co-ED

23 July - Odyssey Sprint AR, New Castle, VA, Drew and Bob raced 2 Person Military, 2nd in Division, 2nd Overall

05 June - 9-1-1 Challenge AR by Bushwhack AR, Umstead and Crabtree Parks near Raleigh, NC. Bob, Marcey, and Drew raced 3 Person Co-ED, 1st in Division, 4th Overall

29 April - Yuki-BAR 24 HR by Bushwhack AR, Hanging Rock and Pilot MTN area of NC - Bob, Marcey, and Dave raced 3 Person Co-ED, 3rd in Division, 5th Overall

02 April - Gleneagles Challenge Sprint AR by Bushwhack AR, Harris Lake, NC - Drew, Lee Anne, and Tom raced 3 Person Co-ED, 5th in Division, 27th Overall

07 August - 9-1-1 Challenge by Bushwhack AR, Umstead and Crabtree Park Area, NC, Bob and Marcey raced 2x2 with "Wild Bill" and Mila from WDII, 1st in Division, 2nd Overall, Race Report

29 May - Trailblazers / IsoSeries Yuki Joy 15 HR Adventure Race, Danbury and Hanging Rock State Park, NC, Bob, Marcey, and Jeff, 2nd in Co-ED Division, 4th Overall, Race Report, Pictures, Course Map

22 May - Falls Lake Challenge, Falls Lake, NC, Drew and Marcey raced in the 2-Person Co-Ed Division (Bob was planning on racing, but his son got sickee poo), placed 5th in the division and 31st overall, Race Report

09 May - 2010 Best Ranger Competition, Fort Benning, GA, Bob competed with 1SG Kevin Dylus on Team 41 - North Carolina National Guard, placing 10th overall, Race Report and Pictures.

Jan 13 - Best Ranger Competition Tryouts for the Army National Guard, Fort Benning, GA - Bob finished 4th and was selected to compete in a primary team. The actual competition is 7-9 MAY 2010. Pictures, Report.

Jan 30 - Mandatory Gear 15 HR Adventure Race, Conway, SC. Drew, Marcey, and Bob raced in the 3 person Co-Ed Division and placed 3rd in the unranked finisher category, Race Report, Pictures

Sep 25 - Bushwhack 24 HR Adventure Race, Harris Lake SW of Raleigh, 2nd in Open Division, 5th Overall, Pictures, Race Report, Bob and Drew raced in the 2-Person Open Division

Apr 16 - Endorphin Fix 3.5 Day Adventure Race, Pipestem, 4th in Division, 13th Overall, Pictures, Race Report, Bob and Mike raced in the 2-Person Division

Oct 4 - Gold Nugget 12 HR Adventure Race, Uwharrie Forest, 3rd in Co-Ed Division, 6th Overall, Picture, Bob raced with Rob and Marcilynn on Team Yourmamaween

Sep 13 - Untamed VA 30 HR Adveture Race, West of Richmond, Unranked Finish, Pictures, Bob raced with Brian and Marcilynn on Team GoofyAss

Apr 24 - Endorphin Fix 3 Day Adventure Race, Pipestem, DNF, Race Report, Bob and Mike raced in the 2-Person Male Category

Oct 13 - Odyssey Sprint Adventure Race, Claytor Lake, 2nd in Premeir Co-Ed Division, 2nd Overall, The Waterlogged Dogwoods ended up finishing second in the Odyssey Sprint Series for 2007

Sep 30 - EX2 Venture Quest Sprint Adventure Race, Fountainhead, 2nd in Co-Ed Division, 14th Overall, The Team consisted of Mike, Bob, and Kat

Sep 22 - 9-1-1 Challenge, Umstead and Crabtree Park, 1st in Division, 1st Overall, Bob raced Solo

Jul 21 - Odyssey Sprint Adventure Race, Roanoke, 2nd in Premeir Co-Ed Division, 5th Overall

Jun 30 - Lionheart 24 HR Adventure Race, Ohiopyle, 3rd in Division, 9th Overall, Bob raced Solo

26 May - Odyssey Sprint Adventure Race, New River, 1st in Premeir Co-Ed Division, 5th Overall

15 Apr - EX2 Greenhorn Sprint Adventure Race, Prince William Forest, 4th in Male Division, 5th Overall - Raced in a deluge and the "Waterlogged" name was now official

13 Jan - Odyssey Sprint Adventure Race, Natural Bridge, Unranked Finisher - This was Amanda and Bob's first attempt at an Adventure Race


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