2010 Best Ranger Competition

>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 27th Annual David E. Grange Jr. Best Ranger Competition (BRC) was conducted at Fort Benning, GA from 7-9 MAY 2010. Forty 2-person buddy teams representing mostly the US Army Ranger, Special Operations, and Infantry Division community ended up competing in this year’s competition. 1SG Kevin Dylus and CPT Bob May (from the Waterlogged Dogwoods) were Team 41 representing the North Carolina National Guard and finished 10th overall. Along with the Rhode Island Team that finished 14th, its the first time a National Guard Team even finished the event.

The BRC was one of the most professionally run, well organized, community / sponsor supported, and camaraderie laden event I have ever been associated with. It was not just two Ranger Buddy Teams doing really hard things for three days straight, it was a highlight of what this highly trained and motivated community does and has done in support of freedom from tyranny around the world.

As Guardsmen, we stand alongside our AC brethren in contingency missions around the world……it's good to know that we can now stand alongside them in a rigorous competition such as the Best Ranger Competition. All those who competed should feel proud and my hat off to those that persevered fought on to the Ranger Objective and completed the mission, though we be the lone survivors.

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